Google Drive – Quota Exceeded Fix (Updated for add shortcut to Drive)

In case you get this error, or your download for aparticular file gets stuck at a fix percentage always you can use the following guide.

This is an updated version after Google has changed the ‘Add to Drive’ button to instead of adding the source file in your Drive it adds a shortcut, which you can’t make a copy of.

For downloading it’s recommended to use IDM.

  1. In the URL of the Google Drive download page, replace uc? to open?
  2. In the new page, click on the ‘more actions’ than ‘Add star’ from the top right buttons.
  3. Go to your Drive, select ‘Starred’ from the left menu, you’ll find the file there.
  4. Right click the added file, and ‘Make a copy’.
  5. Download the new ‘Copy of file’