[Closed] Upload format: rar or mkv?

As you all are already aware that the format for upload of all the files, whether it’s a movie 1080p or 2160p, TV series episodes and Featurettes is RAR compressed.

Recently there have been some comments about why not upload it directly, so addressing that is this post. As to whether the format should be changed. Please give a read.

The reason format has been rar from the start is due to

  • Was inspired from some other Drive hosting sites as they used such format for their uploads.
  • Downloading is easier with parts for large files. A 15 GB 4K release single file vs three 5 GB files, personally would prefer latter.
  • Similarly, for TV shows, it’s easier to download episodes in small number of parts than manually doing each episode. Eg. A 15 GB season with 20 episodes, you will have to download 20 files or you can download three 5 GB files.
  • Featurettes include many small-sized files, so a single compressed file is easier to download.
  • Don’t know if it’s true, but someone had mentioned that it’s easier for files for video files to get flagged compared to a compressed format where it’s not possible to determine the content
  • More future survivability

Talking about the downsides or what would have pros if the files were uploaded directly.

  • No need to bother with uncompressing files after downloading each file.
  • Possibility to stream movies and episodes from Google Drive’s streaming service.
  • If you’re downloading a 2160p movie that obviously means you have a high-speed connection, so parts won’t really matter for that.
  • For TV seasons as well, in that case you would have to download each episode but that way you can watch episode as soon as possible, can check the quality if you prefer it instead of downloading the whole 5 GB file.
    Although the rar parts are in chronological order, so it should not be much worse in this regard.
  • Preferable to make a copy on personal Drive in a video format than compressed.

These are the points from a user’s download perspective.

So with these points, currently debating whether to change the format. As a lot of Drive links are still not working and will have to fix them, there’s a possibility to completely change the format of every single movie or TV series hosted.

If the format was to actually change, some points to take note of

  • Compressing the files increases the manual load and is relatively inefficient in putting out releases.
    Hence, the speed and frequency of uploads will definitely increase by a good chance, links will get fixed faster as well.
    There’s a possibility to branch to more types of releases.
  • Format shall remain consistent, so compared to how all the files are RAR. There will be no compressed files instead.
    Each movie whether 1080p or 2160p.
    TV Seasons will have each episode as separate link.
    Featurrette uploads might be dropped.
  • It’s likely that you still won’t be able to directly make a copy to your own Drive due to certain things.
  • Although in case of the direct shares, there’s a possibility that the files get flagged easily. In which case the site’s format will instead switch from direct sharing of Drive links to instead using services like klop.me where you’ll have to use your own Google account to download files and it does allow you to create your own copy of files.
    Still you won’t be able to download >15 GB files, for which direct link sharing format will probably apply still.
    Anyways, this is just a possibility in case the format is changed and the files get flagged a lot.

Personally I am little inclined towards direct link sharing due to high efficiency with a large decrease in manual effort. Eg. had downloaded some TV series couple of days ago, but didn’t get around to handle their compression and upload yet.
From downloader’s perspective as well I can see the benefits of a direct link.
For a personal collection, it’s suitable as well.

There’s some uncertainty about survival of such system though. RAR files are more future proof.

In the case of change, literally all of the links will be changed.

So, leave your comments if the format should be changed, why or why not. You can also leave thoughts on the recently added link shrinker. Which was necessary, otherwise this site would be in actual loss monetarily and effort wise personally.

You can see a glimpse of TV season uploads in that case at Chernobyl (2019) Season 1 (1080p BluRay x265 HEVC 10bit AAC 5.1 Silence) which has direct links.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

70 thoughts on “[Closed] Upload format: rar or mkv?

  1. You can set compression option to “None” or “Store” to reduce compression time. These option just copies mkv file into rar file without compression. Hence no CPU usage and fastest archive time.

  2. Hey admin, a request here while making the rar compressed file would you please take the folder with it so that when extracted a proper name from the encoder to the folder.
    Love this site btw.

  3. I have been trying to download many movies from you specifically MI6 Fallout 2160p, Man of Steel 2160p and HP 1 2160p and in literally all of them even after using both IDM and ADM, the rar files have had some kind of an error Checksum, packed data checksum, CRC and I have to download them again (Which again might not work). So I would any day highly recommend mkv because even if there is some error, you can offset that error part with its torrent.

    1. Can you check the MD5 values for your downloads of MI6? Just a guess but maybe it’s due to the quota exceeded error?

      e915d7b3db62678a41d216405fd7a044 MImpF2018-26p.part1.rar
      c6f4c8233b995ff471ee2318f15a09d8 MImpF2018-26p.part2.rar
      bef4749faf64d8efcf3cebd1142687fb MImpF2018-26p.part3.rar
      9c5e2bd17f06f7dbdc73d20d68e6f352 MImpF2018-26p.part4.rar

      See which files don’t match the value.
      If you want MD5 or SHA1 values for other files, you are welcome to request those.

      1. It wasn’t because of exceeded quota, I have Google One 200GB on drive, and I had identified it to be a problem in the 4th part so downloaded that again, still had a problem so extracted the incomplete file and offset it with the torrent.
        Had to do the same with HP and Man of Steel as well.

  4. If it is up to me, I’d say for movies, you can do mkv for movie and a rar for the featurettes. That is good. As far as TV shows go, I prefer the mkv files as there are many softwares that can help in copying them to our personal folders without downloading, also that is a good thing for those who cannot download. Hope you reconsider atleast uploading movies in mkv.

  5. hello can you please upload:

    Omen 666 (2006)
    Pride and Glory (2008)
    Kranti (1981)
    Street Kings (2008)
    Predators (2010)
    Galaxy Quest (1999)
    The Rat Pack (TV Movie 1998)
    Agneepath (1990 film)

  6. RAR, like you said. FutureProof for not getting flagged. you have made things better for us. Why have a chance of getting it removed if flagged. So RAR and we do the job of unpacking it latre.

  7. i prefer in mkv so i can have a copy of it on my gdrive and stream it to my device(s) without having to download and unrar

  8. I like this site cuz on the snahp.it forum they mostly post on mega for QxR encodes.
    RAR all the way.

  9. Thank you!!! Thank you so much for the transition to mkv. Couldn’t have asked for anything better! Thanks a lot, contact me just in case you ever need some files for recovery. I have a lot of your stuff on my drive. Keep up the great work.

  10. I’m agree with rar or original what it is but change the shorter link this site are totally time waste for ours too many time bypass that’s can’t acceptable and all the user if you agree with me so please tell him to atleast change that thing so we can get easily file

  11. I prefer Rar.. @Admin Bro i need a confirmation.. Please reply.. There is an Open Matte version of Avengers Endgame on some websites. I just want to know if that is real or fake???

    1. @Dani You mean this [Avengers Endgame (2019) [Open Matte] Hybrid Rip 1080p [HEVC] 10Bit x265 Dual Audio [Hindi Org DD2.0 – English DD5.1] ???

  12. Personal, I prefer rar for tv series becasue it’s easy to download as mentioned by the others.
    But if it’s easier for you to upload mkv dirctly, please do.
    Thank you for your efforts.

      1. I tried to access and it say:
        This site can’t be reachedfilecrypt.co’s server IP address could not be found.
        Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

      2. This site can’t be reached
        filecrypt.co’s server IP address could not be found.
        Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

          1. I am using Chrome as well, tried the new Microsoft Edge and did not work. I am thinking about Safari or Firefox.

            1. I doubt it will help. I’ve seen this error pop up on accessing sites which are blocked by ISP.
              Try with VPN perhaps.
              Not for download but just accessing filecrypt.
              Still wierd if it’s actually blocked.

              1. Thank you so much. I will try it, and delete the cache, maybe.
                Thank you again for your hard work.

  13. I dont have a preference for movies, its not that hard to extract them. It would less convenient to download TV shows, but honestly just do what is easier for you

  14. Personally mkv format is preferable specially for tv shows….though if do end up doing that ..please share a folder link if it doesnt inconvenience you

  15. I heavily suggest .rar, there’s less possibility for corruption, just to be save…
    some people don’t care about couple of seconds broken frame, but.. you know.
    that’s why I’m downloading movies here

  16. Maybe can based on size to choose rar or mkv?
    If a movie bigger than 4GB, maybe can compress and split into part, otherwise less than 4GB can keep in mkv.
    Will it bring some problem to you in arrangement file?

  17. Please keep it as it is (.mkv filetype) uploads. That is the one of the many great advantages when uploading to gdrive (no size limit, no need to chop content into multiple (rar/zip/7zip/etc.) IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT.


  18. I think the files would be flagged quickly if they all have the .mkv extension on them and get taken down. If people cannot wait another minute to unrar a file they have issues that need attention!

  19. MKV!!!!!!! All the way. We can choose which episodes to download. 4k movies direct download. Use online drive sharing services which provide unique links to download drive files safely like sharer.pw, drive.klop.me or acefile.co

    it will reduce your workload and make it easier for you. I have unlimited drive storage and if you upload them in mkv i’ll keep a separate copy of all of your uploads with me. In case of removal you can just copy it back.

    1. Hey would you mind telling, how do you have unlimited Google storage ? I myself have the Google One subscription for 200 GB but I have always wondered ?

  20. Hey I know you are doing great job. But If you need help in uploading hit me I am free I know where are you dowloading from I downloaded many maybe we can make this group a better for example you can focus on new and I focus on the old dead links think about it.

  21. Thank you for all the work and service you provide to all of us . Your work is legendary and because of this site , i have been able to watch many of my favourite releases .

    i prefer the rar format as it will allow me to download in parts as i and many people from third world countries have poor internet connection .

  22. I don’t own unlimited Gdrive space.. As long as the file is under 15GB (rar or mkv) I DON’T have a problem

  23. I would leave it as a .rar format. Depending on who you are for media storage, your content maybe taken down within days of uploading.

  24. Prefer rar files. If the file is large, 15 gb google drive cap will not allow to copy the file in my drive' in case one has to avoidquota exceeded’ problem. Also, downloading a large file at one go is not conducive for users using wifi connection with certain daily data limit. Besides, videos getting flagged is not an interesting option.

    1. Rar .why ? Downloading the complete season with 2 or 3 links is more comfortable than downloading each episode alone . people who don’t have cloud storage above 15 GB won’t be able to download large files.and with mkv format i can’t download or copy files to my drive by klop service due to quota exceeded .And finally streaming is not good for people have wifi connection limited data .and for link shrinker it isn’t bad ..

  25. Pros of rar: faster for smaller files, less chance of failure during download
    Cons of rar: 10 seconds more for starting and confirming every download, more clumsy for large files, less efficient when downloading from this site

    Cons > pros –> rar not preferred

    1. @Lampard 10 seconds?? Seriously. That impatient?.. No wonder #Chelsea were not doing well before covid19

  26. Rar is the reason i love this site. Why?? Because “it’s easier to download episodes in small number of parts than manually doing each episode”

  27. hello.
    i think rar files are for durability of link to survive as if it were a mkv. so google would keep the rar better as it mkv.

    1. and could you update the Gladiator link and upload 1080p Memento Tigole? It’d be very much appreciated

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