Update: whether to close the site

Hi everyone. Been a while without any new releases or updates. I have been away long enough, so I’m finally making an update.

So what’s been happening:

The Google Drive links posted on this site get flagged and copyright strikes from time to time. Which I generally restore from a backup account. In case the backup isn’t there, I manually reupload the files.

However, around a couple of months ago, I lost my backup accounts which had most of the files. Thus making it difficult to restore the links.

Afterward, I got busy with IRL stuff, decreasing the time and motivation I had and later on completely stopped bothering with the site. While most of the Drive links stopped working, making this a useless site.


So, need some suggestions on what to do with this site.

  1. Close it
    Just as it sounds, delete the website.
    If I’m not going to bother with maintaining the site, it’s better to instead just delete it than mislead people who come to look for stuff.
    Personally, it’ll only leave some regrets about vanishing the time and effort I earlier put in. But won’t have to worry and spend on fixing and making new posts.

  2. Slowly work through reuploading and restoring files
    This was the thing I was supposed to be doing since a good while ago, but due to lack of time I couldn’t. However, even when having time the huge monumental task of restoring hundreds of links and TBs of data just seems daunting enough that I lose motivation even before I start.

  3. Start fresh
    This is an option as well, where I start releasing new posts instead of bothering with fixing the older ones. Perhaps slowly fix them.
    The issue here is that 80% of posts on the site are useless atm, which is a lot of content and what the people have been visiting for.


I started this site to make use of my free time and I had some positive experience with one of a similar old website especially the popularity and ad revenue it had.

Now popularity was still great and became a factor for motivation to maintain the site. If people care to visit, in turn I care as well. Ad revenue, well it is what it is, not much to affect whether it is there or not.

Not updating is definitely part of a reason the visitor count is dead. Apart from that, the major visitors were from India (me as well). Where apparently the government put the domain name to ban list of the ISPs. Didn’t really think it was popular enough to warrant that.

Anyways leave your suggestions if you have any. Meanwhile, I’ll see if it’s even technically feasible to get back to uploading.
You’ll automatically get to know what decision was taken later on. Whether the site is unreachable or if you see a new post.

85 thoughts on “Update: whether to close the site

    I LOVE IT I NEED IT UR SITE IS THE ONLY SOURCE OF OLD SERIES IN 1080P WHOSE TORRENTS ARE DEAD. please announce soon if ur planning to shut down the site thanks a lot.

  2. hey man if you need any help with the links and all im more than willing to help out man

  3. Do whatever you wanna do but plz don’t stop or close this site this is the best movie download site i have encountered

  4. For my opinion i think admin can Slowly work through reuploading and restoring files and upload some latest movie first, i will support you as always 😀 everyday i open ur site and wait for ur update finally saw an update this few days. Thanks alot and good job!

  5. I’ve created a site like yours and shared google drive links. It made me feel happy, that users are downloading from the google drive with full speed and easy access. But after some days, too many copyright strikes made my one drive account disabled. It was my turning point and I’ve decided to close my whole site. Then suddenly, I got an idea. Someone out there also sharing drive links from last 3 years and all of the links of the site is still ok. I studied and learned that many shortener or drive link gen gives your drive links complete privacy. No one can know which file is coming from who, or who is hosting those file.. That’s why it’s hard for google to identify copyrighted material uploader and block them. Then I started using those for my site. I don’t know if it’s really protects or not but still it is helping me out. The site I studied and learned is [pahe.in] they are using [drive.klop.me] for decades to share drive contents. I use [sharer.pw] for my account privacy. You can also use other services like gtdot, acefile, but [sharer.pw] and [drive.klop.me] is famous and handy. You can easily share files and forget about copyrighting and blocking rules of google. There is another way,

    You can create a api using drive api and generate firbase direct link and give users direct download link just like [moviesflix.in] are using. Finally, If you’re rich then you can buy a dedicated server which no one can destroy rather than you, and upload and share files like torrent does.

    Finally, My last suggestion is not to give up. when there is a door is closed, then another door or actually a million door is open. Don’t loose hope. stick to something that means something to you. Ba Bye.

    Best Regards,

  6. Even other websites won’t bother with broken links on old movies if older than 3-6 months.
    Just concentrate on new releases. Try using mega if possible. good luck


    The problem is that Google Drive is not a good option for uploading files for this kind of stuff, therefor it is advisable to use another one-click-hoster. Take a look at psarips.xyz and the one-click-hosters they are using. If you spend less time reuploading again and again you can use the time for better stuff.

    1. Do people even download from other hosters? Personally I look for GDrive or occasionally Mega links if available on such sites. Else download torrents on my own. Might look into one-click-hosters to see if it’s possible to do that on linux servers. Else GDrive it should stay on.

  8. dont close the site…
    make it a slow process to fix the already posted links
    we people from INDIA always love u

  9. Delete the stuff that you don’t have backup for and you won’t be able to upload. And maybe just give some time to let people download all with a countdown till close if you can’t keep up. you have done a lot and if you can’t keep up it will be too much to ask of you. Thanks again for everything.

  10. This is terrible news, we all love you. Please don’t delete this website. You can say so many file sharing website, use that. Take your time.

  11. Start fresh. Whenever a new movie releases I wait for this site to upload the link so i can have the best experience. I have rewatched even the movie that were available on torrent tagged hd. Because the links you upload are marvolous and increases the watching experience. Egarly waiting for new uploads. Big Fan

  12. I would definitely go with the start fresh option. Having this site has been great, and it would be missed. While the back catalog is nice, I would rather have new releases.

  13. start fresh. even though you have a great catalog, it would be just as good for you to provide the quality and size of files that you do through gdrive.

    thanks for all your work

  14. Please don’t delete the site… I have always liked this site I know I haven’t download every movie because there isn’t enough space in HDD and ISP… If you have made up your mind to delete this think about all the good things you have done… If you are considering some financial benefits feel free to put some advertisements(Not too many)… Big Fan

  15. You should just start fresh. I’ve always liked this site and I definitely don’t want to see it die. Remember to work on your own pace also.

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