Update 2: Need Feedback & Suggestions

Hello again everyone.

This time for those who are checking this website for any updates, instead of just disappointing with a boring update post. I’ve posted a couple of popular movies from 2019 for download.

Received a lot of support and love in the comments of the previous update post where starting fresh was the suggestion from the most. It was also the option I was personally more inclined to other than the first one.

I will try to get back to posting slowly, while see if I can slowly also work upon the old links.

So now that it’s decided to be starting fresh. I need a couple of suggestions on how to do things and the functioning of this site.

  1. Domain name
    The thought of domain name change particularly came to mind because the current domain is blocked in India for most ISPs. So personally having to use VPN to manage my own site is a little handful.
    Now it’s not really a necessary thing, just something I’ve been pondering upon.
    If it is decided to be changed.
    Most popular sites I suppose use their own ‘brand name’, which is then quite recognizable.
    The current gdrivedl came to be simply because it only hosts on Google Drive and has direct download links.
    A relatively generic name if I must say.
    Changing domain name, however, should cost in SEO, old links, the familiarity of people and is a relatively not a light decision I can just take on a whim.
  2. Existing posts
    Around 20% of the older links are currently working. A fresh start ideally should mean no existing content, but there’s a decent chance on deleting all the exisiting posts, the users count of this site should considerably drop due to SEO stuff. Keeping those posts however, is misleading. I can post a notice on the non-working of the links.
  3. File host
    All of the content is hosted on Google Drive.
    My motivation for creating the site was very much related to hosting stuff on drive. Because I personally look for Drive links. As they are super easy and super fast and don’t have bandwidth or quota or time limits.
    Eg Mega is a popular hosting site. A lot of movie and tv series websites use it. But I find the quota limit too bothersome. Yes, you can use VPN to bypass that but it’s a hassle and decreases speed.
    A lot of other ‘multi-upload’ hosts are just straight-up trash which require a premium account or limit the speed on free accounts.
    But have been getting some suggestions to use other hosts, as to not solely be reliant on a single host.
    It’s quite easier to handle uploads to Drive as well.
    Do post if there are any other hosts you actually use to download from. Because for personal downloading I prefer very much to download straight from torrent itself than use those ‘premium’ sites.
  4. Google Drive links hosting
    Currently, all the links are shared through filecrypt.
    The issue here is that it directly exposes the drive links. Which get flagged from time to time, requiring to reupload.
    The quota exceeded thing is quite common as well on fresh links due to many people downloading the files. Then which you have to do the copy to your own account thing as mentioned in the quota exceeded fix page posted.So an alternative which a lot of people have mentioned is to use sites like klop.me, acefile.co. Which effectively hides the source link as they make a copy of the original file in your account when you allow them the access.
    This automatically fixes the copyright and quota issue.The problems here are:
    However you have to give them access to your Drive account. Which isn’t completely trustable.
    Although you can revoke the access afterwards or use a dummy Google account for download purposes.With filecrypt however I can manage all the Drive links at a single place, see their status whether it’s active or not. Plus it’s less bothersome and relatively easier to just directly download.
  5. Ad revenue
    Lastly this little thing. Now, this is a little sensitive thing no one really discusses, but it’s whatever honestly.
    Currently, there are two revenue systems in place. One is filecrypt itself and other is a popads service.
    Filecrypt’s ad system isn’t very intrusive and I like the service enough for it to remain there.
    For popads I did disable the de-adblock thing where it would is intrusive enough even if you are using adblocks that it open popups as you are browsing.
    Both honestly, don’t really make much in revenue.
    Well, I’m not going to lie the prospect of revenue isn’t something which is above me. Current system can almost sustain the basic infrastructure of the site itself.
    Personally I have no clue what should be done about this or if there are better ad systems that I myself wouldn’t mind when visiting a site and can make a little more revenue.
    Popular are I believe, those short links type or redirect type of sites. Which needs you to click on multiple buttons, visit multiple pages before finally arriving at your desired link. Those might more profitable, but I personally just find them annoying. Although I do gladly do that effort to get the link I want, just that it’s not very desirable.

Onwards things can remain the same old way, but these couple of points remain in consideration for me.

Apart from these some issues which I’ve just rambled on. Please post any suggestions or feedback for the website design, posts style, release amount, content, etc. Anything you want to share. I read every comment posted on the site.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

42 thoughts on “Update 2: Need Feedback & Suggestions

  1. Hello!
    Thanks for the work ! It will be perfect if you can provide more different language subtitles for the next Blu-Ray release. 🙂

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for providing the site I am a big fan of Tigole it is how I found you. I have a request if at all possible could ya fix the 3:10 To Yuma also can ya add L.A. Confidential and the full trilogy of Lethal Weapon please?

    Again keep up the awesome work love the site good job!

      1. Thanksss .. can you put them on top when you fix them.. that way we will know. if you had not told me about Banshee i never would have known. Thanks again bro. Really appreciate it in the Quarantine Era

  3. Really enjoy the stuff you provide, glad to have you back!
    I do like the direct Gdrive links as opposed to klop and similar, is more anonymous (google is tracking you! and if you add a login requirement that’s one step closer to connecting more dots)…of course going through filecrypt is no problem and minimal clickthroughs…another good one i’ve seen is bc.vc.
    Also, if you wanted to mix it up, i’ve also seen a couple recently using 1fichier (https://1fichier.com/?lg=en) for the hosting…dont know much about it, but seems to have pretty good speeds and be pretty flexible.

    1. 1fichier has problems in that you can only download 1 file every couple of hours or so (unless you have a paid-for account). So if you have a multi-file rar it can take forever to get all the parts. I gave up on them last year when they introduced the limitations.

  4. What you need man is someone to help you run the site like another uploader.Services like klop are a good idea to avoid the copyright police.You just need a dummy gmail if you don’t trust klop to have access to your drive.Its used on sites like snahp without any problem.On the file hosting issue i think gdrive links are great and maybe something like uptobox because the links stay up for long.Mega sounds good but the problem is you have to jump through hoops to bypass the download limit if you dont have a paid account.With regards to ad revenue,people might prefer link shorteners than pop up ads.You can still earn a decent amount that way if you post more often.Mail me if you’re looking for an uploader or to share some tips.

  5. Hey
    Thanks a ton for your service
    It is because of your site, I got into the world of downloading high quality movies. The inactivity of the site was truly a worry but it is great that you’ve decided to start afresh.
    Its actually my first time that I’m posting on a forum.
    My suggestion would be to make Google Drive links and Zippyshare links a must.
    1. Google Drive will help us to easily download movies which are under 15 GB. Or segregation in parts will help as we can download and delete the parts from the drive.
    2. Zippyshare does not have any speed restrictions when downloading from jdownloader. Just tweaking chunks per download on our end and we are good to go. Downloading with the maximum internet bandwith.
    Once again, thanks a lot!!

  6. Hi, I have following suggestions,
    1. We wouldn’t mind skipping ads through link shortening services if we get access to the old working gdrive links which aren’t working now.
    2. Usenet is expensive for most of the people around, specially for Indians it’s a turn off.
    3. Plus klop service makes the file anonymous but in order to download files larger than 15GB one needs to pay for upgrading Gdrive since it copies to user’s personal drive and the free limit is 15GB.

    Finally this website provides quality content which is usually not available anywhere else, on torrents it’s not seeded enough since people using torrents care more about smaller file size than a Quality movie.

    Thank you for this amazing service.

  7. my suggestion – gdmovies.com
    source for upload: keep Google Drive, (suggestion – MEGA, zippyshare)
    Use klop, share.pw, or any google drive sharer. (People need to understand, regarding account access, best is to make a dummy account)
    Use shorten link systems.
    Use as many ads you want on link website, (on, link-shortners, actual link for GD sharer page). We can handle ads.
    There’s no competetion but, look into pahe.in and psarips.xyz and their download systems.
    After making new domain, please add those posts whose links aren’t dead.

  8. The name and such of the website I feel should entirely be your decision, The filecrypt system for getting to links I find to be no bother at all. It’s as easy as just clicking on it so it’d be sweet to keep that but changing from google sharing to me is ok but I’d prefer google just because of download speeds. If you decide to move away from it then I’ll just download things in advance as I should. Lastly, the ad I personally completely don’t care. I’d click through 4 ads if it meant that this site would keep functioning. This is my favorite site so far and I turned off adblock for this place and filecrypt alone. I look forward to seeing your decision, great site amigo.

  9. Domain name and file hosting should be your choice as you are the one uploading them. As serial downloader, i don’t mind a little extra time to download. You should choose as per your feasibility.
    For posts that won’t be available should be deleted all together. If you can reupload them great but otherwise removing them is better. No hope is better than a false one.
    -Ad revenue system is not a good choice but to keep the site alive, you should go for it. Except for pop up i don’t mind the ads.
    if you do go for new site without the old uploads could you make a doc file of their link. It will be a hassle but it will help mean lot.
    thanks again for the site.

  10. google drive is great but i find it troublesome especially for newly uploaded movie because of high view. there’s a workaround but most people are using free account and the may have had already used up their quota already. for now i’ve been downloading from 1fichier and their bandwith is great. they only allow one download at a time for non subscribing users but i find it non issues because their download speed is fast enough i dont have to wait that long between files. anyway keep up the good work.

  11. Make sure NOT to make obvious movie name on file uploaded. For example ‘Star wars ix’, change the file name to swo9 or similar. Don’t worry users can change the name later when downloaded.

  12. Maybe if you were to zip your Gdrive files and rename the zip folder to initials, your links may not get reported.

  13. To be honest, I like the site layout! It’s simple and easy to navigate. A change in design could make it feel new and revamped though. If you’re starting fresh, I guess it would go hand in hand.

    If you do change the domain name, the simpler and more distinct the better. The best website names are short and quirky! But with a site like this, are you really trying to create a ‘brand’? Again, I guess it’s not too important.

    Regardless, welcome back dude. 🙂

    1. Welcom back bro.. I just downloaded Peaky blinders 1-4.. I was hoping if you could upload Season 5…?? Keep up your work bro

  14. Thanks for all your work
    I suggest leave the name the same unless you can hide it a bit with another addon name to keep it safer
    \Please stick with Google Drive. Many benefits,fewer problems
    I would say don’t worry about the old posts. They were great but moving forward is the way to go.
    I have no problem with filecrypt income. Popups can be a pain though

  15. First of all, I am a Seo Expert (Kinda). I can tell you, domain name changing isn’t going to affect your site if it’s already affected your site by more copyright strikes or you’re going to do a fresh start.
    you can either choose a new domain name. but my suggestion is to use the same domain name with another tlds like [gdrivedl.com] . I’ve seen you are engaging your most viewers via email, so there won’t be a large drop by change. or, in a some days, google will index all your post that aren’t indexed/ already indexed before, but some reason google removed it, due to domain change. Many movie download sites changes their domain consistently to be on google index or serps.
    So, go ahead and change your domain name to TLD
    Don’t get stressed. When my drive account got blocked, all links were broken. But with my hard work, in under 2 days continuous fixing, most demanding and popular posts links were fixed. After 1 week 90% links was fixed and then I started fixing slowly + focused on publishing new posts. You don’t need to delete existing pages and create new one. It’ll will make your site unexperienced according to google.
    I have already told you in the comments section in another post. You must use Google drive as it is no.1 speed and user wants speed . and many users of our site faced problem while using mega links. I use [sharer.pw] for sharing drive links. you can use [drive.klop.me] as pahe.in (movie site) is using it for decades for sharing drive files. There is no way of finding who is hosting the drive file, so that it is harder for google to find the owner and block the account. You don’t need to backup your files from now.
    Above mentioned sites specialty is: there is no drive limit errors. Unlimited file generations and manage.
    Every webmaster considers earnings for their site in some place. You can’t use Adsense for earning as you will get copyright not only on site but also on your adsense account. Other Adnetwork gives you slightly low amount and their ads are not relevants. You can use pop ads but it will annoy new or fresh visitory and they will go away. The another way is to use shortinks. I’ve earned double with shortlinks and they pays good and trusted. I’ve gathered all shortlinks site and tested every one of them and found most of sites are real. My friend earns 10$ per day by 1k-2k visits per short links he shares on his site. I can’t give you the site links in here. you can mail me..

    Best Regards,

    1. If it wouldn’t mind you, can you please share the links of your friend’s site to my mail?
      I am learning things and have a plan to start my own in a couple months.

      Here is the mail id ?: [email protected] Do not mind the name as it is a dummy one i use for many purposes ?

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