Mulan (2020) (1080p DSNP WEB-DL x265 HEVC 10bit EAC3 5.1 Silence)


Plot: When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Chinese Army to defend the country from Huns, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. She is spirited, determined and quick on her feet. Disguised as a man by the name of Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her innermost strength and embrace her true potential.





Format : Matroska
File Size : 3.98 GiB
Duration : 1 h 55 min
Overall Bit Rate : 4948 kb/s

Format : HEVC
Format Profile : Main [email protected]@Main
Bit Rate : 4177 kb/s
Dimensions : 1920 pixels x 800 pixels
Display Aspect Ratio : 2.40:1
Frame Rate : 23.976 (24000/1001) FPS
Writing Library : x265 3.4+6-g73f96ff39:[Windows][GCC 11.0.0][64 bit] 10bit
Encoding Settings : cpuid=1111039 / frame-threads=4 / numa-pools=24 / wpp / no-pmode / no-pme / no-psnr / no-ssim / log-level=2 / input-csp=1 / input-res=1920x800 / interlace=0 / total-frames=165642 / level-idc=0 / high-tier=1 / uhd-bd=0 / ref=5 / no-allow-non-conformance / no-repeat-headers / annexb / no-aud / no-hrd / info / hash=0 / no-temporal-layers / open-gop / min-keyint=23 / keyint=250 / gop-lookahead=0 / bframes=8 / b-adapt=2 / b-pyramid / bframe-bias=0 / rc-lookahead=80 / lookahead-slices=4 / scenecut=40 / hist-scenecut=0 / radl=0 / no-splice / no-intra-refresh / ctu=64 / min-cu-size=8 / no-rect / no-amp / max-tu-size=32 / tu-inter-depth=1 / tu-intra-depth=1 / limit-tu=0 / rdoq-level=2 / dynamic-rd=0.00 / no-ssim-rd / signhide / no-tskip / nr-intra=0 / nr-inter=0 / no-constrained-intra / no-strong-intra-smoothing / max-merge=3 / limit-refs=3 / limit-modes / me=3 / subme=5 / merange=57 / temporal-mvp / no-frame-dup / no-hme / weightp / no-weightb / no-analyze-src-pics / deblock=-3:-3 / no-sao / no-sao-non-deblock / rd=4 / selective-sao=0 / no-early-skip / rskip / no-fast-intra / no-tskip-fast / no-cu-lossless / no-b-intra / no-splitrd-skip / rdpenalty=0 / psy-rd=2.00 / psy-rdoq=1.00 / no-rd-refine / no-lossless / cbqpoffs=0 / crqpoffs=0 / rc=crf / crf=18.0 / qcomp=0.60 / qpstep=4 / stats-write=0 / stats-read=0 / ipratio=1.40 / pbratio=1.30 / aq-mode=3 / aq-strength=1.00 / cutree / zone-count=0 / no-strict-cbr / qg-size=32 / no-rc-grain / qpmax=69 / qpmin=0 / no-const-vbv / sar=0 / overscan=0 / videoformat=5 / range=0 / colorprim=2 / transfer=2 / colormatrix=2 / chromaloc=0 / display-window=0 / cll=0,0 / min-luma=0 / max-luma=1023 / log2-max-poc-lsb=8 / vui-timing-info / vui-hrd-info / slices=1 / no-opt-qp-pps / no-opt-ref-list-length-pps / no-multi-pass-opt-rps / scenecut-bias=0.05 / hist-threshold=0.01 / no-opt-cu-delta-qp / no-aq-motion / no-hdr10 / no-hdr10-opt / no-dhdr10-opt / no-idr-recovery-sei / analysis-reuse-level=0 / analysis-save-reuse-level=0 / analysis-load-reuse-level=0 / scale-factor=0 / refine-intra=0 / refine-inter=0 / refine-mv=1 / refine-ctu-distortion=0 / no-limit-sao / ctu-info=0 / no-lowpass-dct / refine-analysis-type=0 / copy-pic=1 / max-ausize-factor=1.0 / no-dynamic-refine / no-single-sei / no-hevc-aq / no-svt / no-field / qp-adaptation-range=1.00 / no-scenecut-aware-qpconformance-window-offsets / right=0 / bottom=0 / decoder-max-rate=0

Audio #1 : English / E-AC-3 / 15 objects / 6 channels / 768 kb/s / *Default

Subtitle #1 : English / UTF-8 / 35 b/s
Subtitle #10 : French / UTF-8 / 0 b/s
Subtitle #11 : French / UTF-8 / 29 b/s
Subtitle #12 : French / UTF-8 / 3 b/s
Subtitle #13 : French / UTF-8 / 28 b/s
Subtitle #14 : Italian / UTF-8 / 2 b/s
Subtitle #15 : Italian / UTF-8 / 27 b/s
Subtitle #16 : Dutch / UTF-8 / 25 b/s
Subtitle #17 : Norwegian Bokmal / UTF-8 / 25 b/s
Subtitle #18 : Portuguese / UTF-8 / 27 b/s
Subtitle #19 : Portuguese / UTF-8 / 2 b/s
Subtitle #2 : Danish / UTF-8 / 25 b/s
Subtitle #20 : Portuguese / UTF-8 / 27 b/s
Subtitle #21 : Portuguese / UTF-8 / 0 b/s
Subtitle #22 : Swedish / UTF-8 / 25 b/s
Subtitle #3 : German / UTF-8 / 2 b/s
Subtitle #4 : German / UTF-8 / 27 b/s
Subtitle #5 : Spanish / UTF-8 / 2 b/s
Subtitle #6 : Spanish / UTF-8 / 30 b/s
Subtitle #7 : Spanish / UTF-8 / 2 b/s
Subtitle #8 : Spanish / UTF-8 / 27 b/s
Subtitle #9 : Finnish / UTF-8 / 26 b/s



File: Mulan (2020) (1080p DSNP WEB-DL x265 Silence).mkv (4.0 GB)

Movie: Google Drive

76 thoughts on “Mulan (2020) (1080p DSNP WEB-DL x265 HEVC 10bit EAC3 5.1 Silence)

  1. Hey folks, quota exceeded still has a fix ,when you get to see “Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.” Follow the procedure which we all know probably where we replace ‘uc?’ in url with ‘open?’ and then what you can do is instead of creating a shortcut elsewhere create a folder in “My Drive” and then add shortcut there and then just try to download it .If you want to download multiple files at the same time then add all the file shortcuts to the same folder and then try to download, As you know google zipps them which takes time but it works. Beware that you may not be able to resume dowloads anymore.

      1. Hi. What happened. Hope you are well in these tough times. I can help in keeping the site alive but ofcourse it is your site. I enjoyed your downloads. There was a time when yours was the glimmer of hope for x265 content. I have no vested interest just that a desire to help 🙂

  2. Can anyone help me🥺🥺 …..I can’t download anything From this site because of download quota exceeded google drive…. I followed the blog posted by admin but not working ( creating copy of file taking too much time but not copying)…. please help me ☹️☹️ How you download movies from this site…. waiting for someone response 😌😌

    1. You should check if your drive is empty(it should be twice empty than the size of movie itself ig). You should clear the bin also, not only deleting works. Then perform the whole procedure again.

  3. @joseph grigsby is talking absolute shit. I have been downloading stuff from this site for ages now, I downloaded stuff today. Stuff which had the ‘quota exceeded’ issue. As long as the files show on filecrypt with a lovely green dot on the left, they can still be accessed. How, you may ask? Follow the instructions for quota exceeded that can be found on this site up to the point that it is on starred in your drive. Then select multiple files and download, it will zip them up and will bypass the quota exceeded issue. Zipping can take anywhere from 1-15mins depending on how many files you are zipping and your internet speed. If you want to download parts one at a time instead of together, add a picture or some sort of small file to your drive and add it to starred, then zip each part of what you want with that small file. Easy fix.

    1. @Winnie the Pooh I tried to download through zip Method but still faced “Quota Exceeded Error”. The only time i was able to download when i clicked on the whole folder containing the files i.e

      “Billions (2016) Season 4 S04 (1080p AMZN WEB-DL x265 HEVC 10bit AAC 5.1 Vyndros” ( From Another Google Shared drive) ,

      it automatically started to zipping. Took 5 to 6 mins and then the downloading started . But since the files of this sites are not placed in a folder , it can’t be zipped. When we try to zip it show QEE again.

      1. Not quite sure why it is not working for you, how have you been zipping them? Are you doing it from starred with another file? I have been doing this almost every day with multiple movies and tv shows and it has worked perfectly. I just checked with another file (Dr. No 1080p x265 Apekat) which has the issue and it worked fine. If you are downloading a TV Show, add all the parts to starred in your drive and zip them 2 at a time. If you are doing a movie, add the film (doesn’t matter if it is mkv. or rar. file) to starred in your drive and add some sort of photo to your drive and add that to starred as well, then zip the film with the photo. I am just giving more detailed instructions in case you’re doing it wrong or you misunderstood me before. Downloading a whole folder from a shared drive would also zip up the files, which would bypass the issue, so if that worked so should this. And zipping multiple files within a folder would also bypass the issue.

        1. Thanksss. Its WORKING…. I did it bit differently. I created a Folder in My Drive. Then moved the “downloading file/ shortcut” to that folder. Clicked on the folder to download, it started to zip.. doesn’t take much to zip. Depends on the size.. after the zipping completed it started to download.. EASY…

          After download finished. Removed that file and add another to-be-downloaded-file to that same folder.. Same Process..

          THANKS again bro. YOU give me the idea.. Cheers

    2. WTH dude!! I am not talking “absolute shit”.
      The reason you get quota exceeded is Google flagged all gsuite accounts of “city college of san Francisco” including some of my friend’s accounts. Meaning the users cannot access the files from their teamdrives but they do exist for a while.

      This website, Gdrivedl uses a team drive from “city college of san Francisco” , if you need proof then check the owner of the file on gdrive. That is the reason why we had “quota exceeded” issue.

      Even “” website had the same issue, as their teamdrives were from the “city college of san Francisco” . luckily they had backup of some of the files on yandex and mega, so they are currently under recovery.

      Leaving that a side, I didn’t know a workaround for this issue and thought it was impossible to recover my data or to download things from this website. But your tip helped me. Thanks for that!

    1. Their team drives and accounts have been nuked by google. Apparently a lot of city college of san Francisco’s gsuite accounts have been deleted. So, unless there are any backups available, we wont be able to access their files.

  4. The admin cannot “fix” the download issue because there is no problem with the actual files. As long as the links are showing ‘’ and not ‘usenet’, they are still up. Keep checking them everyday until the quota exceeded issue goes away, then download as many as you can before it comes back. Alternatively, use google to search for another way to bypass the ‘quota exceeded’ issue. The bypass that can be found on this site has been patched by google which is why it no longer works.

    1. No, Their team drives and original gsuite accounts have been nuked. (All the team drives and gsuite accounts of “city college of san Francisco” have been nuked/deleted by the admin of that gsuite.)
      Unless there is a backup available we wont be able to access anything on the site.

  5. There is no issue with the existing files. Google has updated drive so you can no longer use the quota exceeded fix to bypass files with quota exceeded on them. You just need to go online and find a different solution to bypass quota exceeded.

  6. @Admin Please Fix links … We’re unable to download anything… If you’re not posting New stuff, kindly fix the links for existing files.. Quota Limit Exceeded error

  7. Have you finished with this site because we can’t download anything, server problem. Sad to see you go great quality videos and site.

  8. I have a feeling this site is abandoned. I tried to download like 3 movies today and all 3 had the exceeded quota message and even following instructions provided did not work. Its all good though, nice run!!

    1. bro do u gonna run this site or not its been a month no updates no tv shows i m disappointed u was only the site that gives extreme quality tv shows plz upload some😘😘😘❤❤

    2. Please NEVER close this site… You guys are the reason i have started watching tv show. Mostly Comedies….. I have not been able to download most shows…. Please wait before i download them shows.. but seriously, DON’T shut the site down.. Only Source

    3. Can y’all chill? These people are doing a service for you and the SECOND they take a break yall on their ass about it. Fuck off, jeez

  9. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet says:

    Not on google drive, nice try though

      1. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet says:

        Takes you to a filecrypt page that links to usenet / ad, not gdrive

        1. If you don’t understand what’s going on, you’d better just not say anything at all, to avoid sounding this stupid.

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