• How to download from this site?

Every movie or tv show has a download tab on the page. Clicking on the ‘Google Drive’ link will ultimately lead you to filecrypt site. Where after filling the captcha, you will get access to the Drive links where you can download from.

  • Unable to get the Google Drive link

Make sure you’re not clicking any ads, etc. You may get redirected away sometimes in which case just reopen the tab or the link. Make sure you’re on filecrypt, from there it directly leads to download link.

  • It says “Sorry you can’t view or download this file at this time”

It happens when a file is downloaded too many times, or in some cases the account itself has exceeded it’s quota.
You can try opening the link in other browser/incognito, or try with a logged in Google account. Else check out: https://gdrivedl.com/quota-exceeded/ to see how to resolve it.

  • The downloaded file is rar, how to get the movie/tv show from it? The download is in parts, how to get single file?

After downloading you can use softwares like WinRAR, 7zip, etc. to extract the relevant files from it.
Large movies or TV shows are seperated into parts to make download easier. You need to download all the parts first, than simply extract the part1.rar file and it’ll automatically use the rest of the parts to give you complete files.

  • The quota exceeded solution says error making a copy

Try with a different account perhaps

  • The download gets stuck at x%. How to resume download.

Use Internet Download Manager on Windows, ADM on Android, etc. They help you refresh and resume your download link. If it still doesn’t work, try the quota exceeded method.

  • Getting “Access to doc-14-b8-docs.googleusercontent.com was denied. You don’t have authorisation to view this page.”

Google is your friend. General solutions you can try is, accessing the link incognito, sharing the files to anyone in drive permissions.

  • The download link is dead

Google Drive links get flagged from time to time, which lead to error 404 on drive link. Filecrypt also shows the links in ‘Red’. In which case you can comment on the movie page and I’ll do something about it when possible.

  • There’s no particular subtitles I want in the file

Download them from external sites you can find on Google

  • How do I make request?

Currently not taking any requests, maybe later.